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Big Black

New additions

Big Black Rapeman Shellac
  • Steve Albini - Throbbing, muscle of love guitar, and cat being run over vocals. This genius has a brain the size of the solar system, and two fleshy, pavement-scraping members.
  • Santiago Durango - 'Rambo' guitar and electrodes to the gonads vocals. Genius behind the genius, this ex- Mr. Universe is also ruggedly handsome and incredibly cultured and charming.
  • David Riley - Subsonic, chainsaw bass. Court stud-master and band philosopher. The genius behind the genius behind the genius. The heartthrob of millions.
Steve Albini
David Wm. Sims
Rey Washam
  • Steve Albini, Guitar, Vocals
  • Todd Trainer, Drums
  • Robt. Weston IV, Bass
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