Andy Lester's
Gallery Of Household Appliances

Thanks to this marvel of modern technology we call the Worldwide Web, you, the average (I assume) web surfer can view photographs of me and my household appliances. "What hath God wrought," indeed.

And it's not just me. Just gaze upon the wide variety of appliances that your fellow web surfers have...

Paul & Paula Belker
with their toaster and rice steamer, respectively
Rick & Laura Pickell
with their blender
Cinda Lester
with her waffle iron
Amy Lester
with my (now our) toaster
Woodward the cat
with Liz Clayton's coffee grinder
Emily Arkin and friends
with an espresso machine, pasta maker and food processor

And an honorable mention goes to Todd Weaver's Broke Homeowners page, complete with its own Gallery of Home Improvement Projects.

The History Of The Gallery, or "Why a refrigerator?"

It all started when I first got a web page. I tried to find a picture of myself that I could put up so that people could see what I looked like. Now, let me explain that I'd picked this picture because it was the least stupid picture of me that I have. Stupid pictures of me fill family albums across the country, from California to Virginia. There's pictures of me with my foot caught under a fence, or pulling the underwear out of my buttcrack, or dressed up as a cowboy in 7th grade, wearing a pair of longjohns, some boots and a hat. They're all more stupid than you can imagine. Some day, I'll scan them and collect them in Andy's Hall Of Unflattering Photos.

But the point is, this picture was the least stupid one that I could find, so I put it up. And people said things like "nice refrigerator," and "what's the fridge say?" My fridge had grown a fan club. They didn't care about my stylish Hawaiian shirt or that I'd managed to be in a picture without having what my sister calls "fish lips." No, they admired the refrigerator.

And so... I had to follow it up. I got this keen little Connectix QuickCam, and took another picture of me, this time in front of my microwave oven. (Be sure to check out the festive holiday version.) My Gallery Of Household Appliances was born.

How can I get my appliance in your gallery?

Posing for photos with household appliances is easy, inexpensive and fun. Chances are you have appliances lying around your house right now. Just for fun, take a look around your kitchen. Do you have a stove? A toaster? A waffle iron? These are all appliances! Pose with one, and send me the scanned photo! Then you can be included in Andy's Gallery Of Household Appliances. It worked for Woodward the cat, and it can work for you, too.

Please contact me at if you have any questions, or would like more help on identifying appliances.

Andy Lester -