CDs Books

Beastie Boys: Licensed To Ill; Paul's Boutique

Pat Benatar: Precious Time; In The Heat Of The Night

Black Sabbath: Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath; Master Of Reality

Buzzcocks: Buzzcocks

George Carlin: Complaints & Grievances; Carlin on Comedy

Ray Charles: Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection

Elton John: Elton John; Caribou; Madman Across The Water (reissue)

Joe Ely: Live at Antones

Alejandro Escovedo: More Miles Than Money

Ethyline: Long Gone

Ella Fitzgerald: The Songbooks

Fleetwood Mac: Then Play On

Freakwater: Springtime; Old Paint; Feels Like The Third Time; End Time

Furslide: Adventure

Handsome Family: In The Air

The Kinks: Kinks Kronikles

Tom Lehrer: The Remains Of Tom Lehrer

John Lennon: Double Fantasy

Mermen: The Amazing California Health and Happiness Road Show; The Mermen at the Haunted House

The Muffs: Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow; Hamburger

Naked Raygun: Jettison; Understand?; Raygun... Naked Raygun

Willie Nelson: Classic & Unreleased Collection; Gospel Favorites; Night & Day; Revolutions of Time: 1975-1993; Somewhere Over The Rainbow (reissue)

Randy Newman: 12 Songs; Land Of Dreams

Tom Petty: Wildflowers; Echo

Rainmakers: Skin; Flirting With The Universe; Balls; Oslo-Wichita Live

Charlie Robison: (Where to start?)

Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock & Roll

Roxy Music: Roxy Music; Stranded; Country Life

Soundtrack: The Muppet Movie

Styx: Cornerstone

VA: Blues Masters: Vol 1, 8, 10, 12, 13

VA: Didn't It Blow Your Mind: Vol 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 20

Various Artists: Loud, Fast & Out Of Control; Testify!; Classic Railroad Songs, Vol. 3: Night Train; Farm Aid, Vol 1; 70s Party Killers; Tales From The Rhino: The Rhino Records Story

Neil Young: Live Rust

The Thorns: The Thorns

13 Fatal Errors Managers Make, by W. Steven Brown

Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in Our Free Country, by Peter McWilliams

AntiPatterns: Refactoring Software, Architectures, and Projects in Crisis, by William J. Brown

Ban The Humorous Bazooka, by Mark Henry Sebell

Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, by Joel Whitburn

Bugs In Writing, by Lynn Dupre

The Design of the UNIX Operating System, by Maurice J. Bach

Facts and Fallacies Of Software Engineering, by Robert L. Glass

How to Persuade People Who Don't Want to be Persuaded, by Joel Bauer & Mark Levy

The Leader's Voice, by Boyd Clarke and Ron Crossland

The Little Schemer, by Daniel P. Friedman, Matthias Felleisen

The Medical Detectives, by Berton Roueche

The Museum Of Bad Art, by Tom Stankowicz

Personal Accountability, by John G. Miller

Psychology of Computer Programming, by Gerald Weinberg

Questions For the Movie Answer Man, by Roger Ebert

Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Global Business, by Alfons Trompenaars

The Social Life of Information, by John Seely Brown

Social Psychology of Organizing, by Karl Weick

TCP/IP Network Administration, 3e, by Craig Hunt

Too Good To Be True, by Jan Harold Brunvand

The Total Package: The Secret History and Hidden Meanings of Boxes, Bottles, Cans, and Other Persuasive Containers, by Thomas Hine

Movies to rent

7 7 Wonders Of The Industrial World

A Across 110th Street, Adaptation, American Movie, Amistad, Amores Perros, Annie Hall, Any Given Sunday, The Apartment

B The Bad Lieutenant, Bang The Drum Slowly, The Basketball Diaries, Being John Malkovich, Ben-Hur, The Big Kahuna, The Big Sleep, Black Like Me, Blow, Bonnie & Clyde, Born On The Fourth Of July, Bound, Boys Don't Cry, The Bridge On The River Kwai, A Bridge Too Far

C Catch-22, Chicken Run, City of God, The Conversation, Crumb

D Dark City, Das Boot, The Defiant Ones, The Dirty Dozen, Dirty Pretty Things, Donnie Darko

E Electra Glide In Blue

F Falling Down, A Fistful Of Dollars, Five Easy Pieces, Flawless, The Flying Leathernecks, For A Few Dollars More

G Galaxy Quest, The Game, Gladiator, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Gosford Park, The Grifters

H Hard Eight, Harold and Maude, Henry and June, Hideous Kinky, Honeysuckle Rose, Hoop Dreams, House Of Games

I Ice Age, Ice Station Zebra, In The Heat Of The Night, The Insider

K K-Pax, Kelly's Heroes, The Killing Fields, Kingpin, The Krays

L Lenny, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Lone Star, The Longest Day

M The Man Who Wasn't There, The Manchurian Candidate, Manhattan, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Mean Streets, Midnight Cowboy, Midnight Express, Monster, Mullholland Drive

N Nashville, Network, North By Northwest, Nothing To Lose, Nurse Betty

O October Sky, On The Waterfront, Once Upon a Time In The West, One Trick Pony, Onee Upon a Time In America, The Onion Field

P Paris, Texas, Plump Fiction, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Q The Quiet Man, Quills, Quiz Show

R Rated X, Rear Window, Rebel Without A Cause, The Replacement Killers, Repo Man, Rififi, The Right Stuff, River's Edge, Run Lola Run, Running Out Of Time

S The Sands Of Iwo Jima, The Searchers, Seven Days In May, Sexy Beast, Shaft, Shakes The Clown, Shane, Short Cuts, Singin' In The Rain, Smoke Signals, Soylent Green, A Streetcar Named Desire, Sunset Boulevard, Swimming To Cambodia

T The Third Man, To Die For, Topkapi, Trainspotting, Twelve Angry Men, Twelve O'Clock High

V The Vanishing, Vertigo

W Waking Ned Devine, Weeds

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